Liam McBride


Electric and Acoustic Guitar Lessons in Flint, Michigan

Liam McBride


Electric and Acoustic Guitar Lessons in Flint, Michigan

Acoustic & Electric Guitar Services

1 on 1 Guitar Lessons

1 on 1 hand on instruction in technique, theory, and everything you need to learn to grow to a professional guitarist. No matter your skill level, Liam can help you attain your goals.


Group Guitar Lessons

Learn basic and intermediate guitar skills you need to grow as a musician and guitarist in a group setting. These skills will help you develop into an even better guitar player.


Skype Guitar Lessons

1 on 1 instruction via Skype for remote students out of range of the studio space. Learn any sort of lesson over Skype and learn just like you would in a studio setting with Liam.


CO Writing Services

Got a song or project your excited about but struggling to finish? Need help writing the chords or melody; need a great hook or lyrics to finish? Pitch your ideas and get a quote to co- write it with you.


About Me

As a professional touring musician, Liam shared the stage with many mainstream bands including: Reliant K, Offspring, New Found Glory, Evanescence, Super Chick, and MXPX. Over the years his work has been recorded on over 30 albums for various bands and session works. Liam attended Berklee College of Music where he received a technical certificate in music theory in 2007. Now he is teaching in Flint, Michigan passing on his knowledge and experience to his students.


Liam James McBride is a fantastic guitarist with a heart for music like no one I’ve ever met. He loves his craft and enjoys passing it down to others through his music lessons. If you’re looking to pick up the guitar you’re in great talented hands with Liam McBride.”

Liam brings a wealth of knowledge to guitar instruction and presents it in an easy to understand fashion which he custom made for my personal guitar goals. Through my guitar lessons with him, I was able to grow with leaps and bounds in my playing and am now comfortable improvising solos. I highly recommend him!!

Liam is a rare breed among guitar players, a phenomenal guitarist without the huge ego that usually comes along with that title.”


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Klōs Guitars

Klōs Guitars makes solid, beautiful carbon fiber guitars that play the finest of sounds. View Endorsement

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